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Floor Sanding

Dust free floor sanding and restoration specialists, bringing back the natural beauty of wooden floors, We have a wide range of experience restoring and finishing wooden floors, in domestic, commercial and listed buildings. Using only high quality machines and materials along with our experience gives you the finish you deserve, all our finishing products are environmental friendly.

We are trained and approved restoration specialists and only used professional wood finishes for the best results of finish and durability,

We have the skills and experiences it takes to restore a wooden floor, far to many times we hear our clients say,

we were told our floor was damaged beyond all repair, and were advised on have a new floor fitted

Our rule of thumb is if you can walk on the floor there is a good chance of having it restored. and we are always happy to advise

If you are having a newly fitted unfinished floor we are always happy to quote for the finishing of the floor.